//Will Your Wedding Ring Fit Forever? Tips for Choosing a Safe Size

Will Your Wedding Ring Fit Forever? Tips for Choosing a Safe Size

If you’re getting married, you’ll be looking at wedding rings. The moment of your final choice will be a time to cherish forever. But will the ring fit forever? That may seem a dreary question when your mind is on sparkle and romance, but if, at some future time, it won’t come off or won’t stay on, you may wish you could rewind the clock and choose a different size. Fingers can change their shape and size over time, causing major problems for ring-wearers. Some rings have to be sawn off, while others slip off and disappear, so stop a minute during the fitting to consider the future. Could your fingers be affected by any of the factors below?

Weight Loss

If you’re slimming and hope to lose a considerable amount of weight, some of it will come off your fingers. Even if your hands aren’t noticeably plump, they will still be affected by your diet. Bear in mind, though, that losing weight can be difficult, and you may put it back on again later in life, so try to be realistic and honest with yourself when selecting your ring size.

Weight Gain

You may have no weight problem yet, and your fingers may be naturally slender, but could this change? Take a look at your parents’ figures, especially their hands. Does weight tend to increase with age in your family, causing finger thickening? Ask them what they think. But if you can’t find any clear answers to this, just take the size that feels comfortable now, and do your best to stay slim.

Misshaping Through Age Or Arthritis

However streamlined your fingers are at the moment, they could become knobbly with age, making it difficult to remove your ring if you need to. Problems are particularly likely if you develop rheumatoid arthritis, so it’s worth considering whether this condition runs in your family, and if so, whether it tends to affect the fingers.  Arthritic fingers can become swollen and misshapen, occasionally necessitating a wedding ring to be cut off for comfort. But don’t dwell on such dreary possibilities unless there’s an obvious cause for concern. To be on the safe side, allow for some flexibility.

Fluctuating Sizes

If you live in a changeable climate, your fingers may change accordingly, affecting your ring comfort. Summer heat may cause your fingers to swell up, but when the icy winter comes, they’ll shrink back to their normal size. If your hands are susceptible to temperatures in this way, you may need a ring that will slide off easily on hot days. You can then so you can keep it in a safe place till the weather changes, or wear it on a thinner finger or around your neck.

Careful Fitting Could Save You Money Later

Most rings can be adjusted to some degree, especially ones made of a malleable metal, such as gold or silver. Gold is the most malleable of all metals, so if you’re going for that most treasured and romantic one, you should be able to have it slightly enlarged or contracted at least once, if at a cost. But with your forward-looking choice of fitting, you can probably avoid that future expense.

Whatever ring size you select, don’t pick one extreme or the other. You don’t want it getting wedged the wrong side of your knuckle as your marriage partner tries to place it on your finger, and you don’t want it flying off as you celebrate, either. Choose carefully, then be done with the matter. Love is worth even more than a ring!


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