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The Perfect Choice of Venues to Make Your Wedding Day Magical

The Barn

Barn: “a usually large building for the storage of farm products or feed and usually for the housing of farm animals or farm equipment”.

Our barn serves somewhat of a different purpose. It accommodates and enhances life-changing events. Share your wedding day with your family, friends and loved ones at a place where rustic elegance blends with natural beauty and experience the ambiance. With endless lush meadows and towering trees surrounding you under the clear blue skies, you will have the rustic chic wedding you’ve always dreamed of. Enjoy picture-perfect portrait backdrops to immortalize all of your memories.

We were married at the barn on PRP November 5th and absolutely loved everything about our wedding day and experience. The venue was stunning, we still have guests to this day tell us it was the most gorgeous location for a wedding they have ever been to.
– Crystal Cardenas

The Pavilion

With what seems like a never-ending view of our lush ranch you’ll exchange your heartfelt vows surrounded by sprawling fields and the soft breezes of Central Florida as your family and friends look on while seated in our charming environment. Our Pavilion is the perfect location to make your wedding an outdoor event. Our Pavilion is easy to decorate and accommodates up to 275 people.

My husband and I had the most incredible venue for our beautiful wedding at PRP!  We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect place to get married. Our guests came from all over and were raving about the night! Thank you guys for all you did for us.
– Skye Sun

The Magic

When the stars align and you are marrying the love of your life, do it under the stars at Pine Ridge Plantation. The atmosphere on our ranch is nothing short of majestic. Pine Ridge Plantation will supervise the event to make sure we deliver your dream location and your vendors and personal management team will deliver your special night of great food, music, dance and safe enjoyment for all.

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