//5 Ultimate Memory Makers at Your Wedding

5 Ultimate Memory Makers at Your Wedding

Many people describe their wedding day as the best day of their life. This special day marks the end of a couple’s single life and the beginning of the next chapter of their lives: togetherness. And, the couple’s family and closest friends get to witness this beautiful moment, taking part in an expression of true love. Rich, heartfelt emotions run strong and guests happily mingle, sharing in the couple’s bliss.

Wedding photographers excel in capturing these priceless moments for a lifetime to come. Still, it’s possible to have a little fun with some extra special wedding memory makers that the wedding party and all of the guests can enjoy. Here are five suggestions on how to capture even more precious memories at your wedding.

Photo Booth

Rent a wedding photo booth so your friends can all take home a cool strip of memories to cherish. This popular wedding add-on gives a unique dynamic to your wedding day festivities and truly enhances the excitement of the day for one and all. Consider putting together a basket of photo props for your guests to incorporate into the photos as well.

Selfie Sticks

A selfie stick on each table at the reception helps to ensure your guests can get great photos and videos at your wedding. Make it easy for friends and family to capture their favorite moments at your wedding with a personalized wedding selfie stick. Post a little sign or attach a tag with instructions and a request to share out the best photos they snap.

Personalized Hashtags

Piggybacking on the selfie stick idea, a personalized wedding hashtag helps to ensure you and your partner will actually get to see some of the great footage captured on your wedding day. Create a unique hashtag and encourage your guests to use it on social media outlets at your wedding.

Guest Book Alternatives 

A guestbook captures the handwriting and sometimes a special message or contact info for your guests. Take things a step further with a guestbook alternative if you wish. Set up a signature board that doubles as artwork for your new home, or another creative work of art that captures the essence of emotion from your guests. You can also do a photo signature book instead of a traditional guest book if you wish.

Wedding Video Themes 

Consider different themes for your wedding video – a journalistic style, indie style, or other fun wedding video trend. Some couples even create a wedding trailer prior to the big day for a bit of fun and excitement. On a lower budget, have guests share their favorite videos and edit them together into your own special style. Capture your memories any way you like.

These five wedding memory making ideas should help to add a personalized touch to your special day. Consider adding your own details or requests with little decorative signs at your reception or by including a note about your plans on your wedding website. Now that you’ve got all of the pieces in place to capture your favorite wedding memories, all that’s left is for you to go live in the moment and soak up every wonderful minute.


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