//Wonderful Ways of Repurposing Your Wedding Gown After the Ceremony

Wonderful Ways of Repurposing Your Wedding Gown After the Ceremony

The bridal gown is one of the focal points of a wedding, but what happens to this once-in-a-lifetime dress when vows are said and the ceremony completed? You have many choices when it comes to what you can do with your wedding gown. Whether you want to repurpose your dress, save it for something special or turn it into memory, there is a wedding gown use that is perfect for you.

Create A Keepsake

Your wedding gown has a considerable amount of sentimental value, so turning it into a keepsake makes sense. Many brides have their gowns cleaned and preserved, but the dress usually just ends up in a box in the attic or closet. Instead of safeguarding your gown, consider making a keepsake you can see every day to remind you of your beautiful wedding.

Line A Shadow Box

Create a piece of artwork for your wall by placing a few items in a shadow box. You might choose to display your wedding invitation, a dried flower from your bouquet or one of the wedding favors you gave at your reception. Line the back of the box with a piece of your wedding gown.

Make A Throw Pillow

Use fabric from your wedding gown to make a pretty pillow that can lay on your bed. Lace, bling, bows and other embellishment are beautiful as decoration for your pillow.

Display It In Jewelry

Place a piece of your wedding gown lace, a few rhinestones or a snippet of silk into a memory necklace. Later you could add some sand from your honeymoon and a lock of your children’s hair.

Design An Ornament

Use a clear, plastic craft ornament to commemorate your first holiday as a married couple. Include pieces of your dress and any other small items you’ve saved from your wedding day.

Cover Your Photo Album

Fabric from your wedding gown will make a stunning cover for your wedding album. Place a sash, a piece of your belt or an earring on the front. Covering a book is not a complicated project, and you should be able to find instructions online. If you’re not a crafty person, ask someone else to do it for you.

Trash It As A Photo Op

Many brides are using the destruction of the gown as one more opportunity for a fun and memorable photo shoot. Some people even say it helps them relax and bust the stress that was built up from the wedding.

Dive Underwater

Take a swim in your wedding gown, and have a photographer capture you and your new spouse kissing under the waves with your dress floating around you.

Throw Paint In It

Wear your dress outside, and have a paint fight with your spouse. Throwing paint on each other can be a lot of fun, and you’ll end up with a multi-colored gown that has become a work of art. Don’t forget the glitter for extra sparkle. A fun alternative to this idea is to play paintball in your gown.

Get Muddy

Do you love the idea of rolling around in the mud? Ask your spouse to jump in a huge muddle puddle with you and wrestle to your hearts’ content. Getting dirty is a great way to relieve wedding pressure.

Stand Under A Waterfall

Imagine a beautiful photo of you and your new spouse standing hand in hand under a waterfall as it rains down over you.

Pop Some Champagne

Buy a few bottles of the drink that is synonymous with celebration. Then shake them up and pop them with your spouse. Your photographer will capture the bursting bubbles in all their glory.

Make A Donation

Instead of keeping your gown in your closet, think about making a donation that can benefit someone else. Many charities will accept wedding gowns to either sell or give to brides who can’t afford the expense or use them in other ways.

Give It To A Military Bride

Gowns Across America is an organization that collects wedding gowns for women who are in the military or who are marrying someone who is serving. Your dress could be a big thank you to someone who has fought for your freedom.

Donate It To Brides Against Breast Cancer

This group will resell your wedding dress to raise money for breast cancer research. That is especially fitting if you or a family member has battled the disease.

Allow It To Become An Infant Burial Gown

Several charities take used wedding dresses and turn them into burial gowns for infants who are stillborn or die shortly after birth. Having a beautiful gown for their babies to wear can be comforting to grieving parents. Angel Gowns is one organization that does this work, and there are many others across the country. Your local NICU can help direct you.

Turn It Into Something New

You will never wear your dress as a bride again, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use your wedding gown in the future. If you have sewing skills or know someone who does, you can turn your wedding dress into a variety of other garments or unique home furnishings.

Turn It Into A Party Gown

You can wear your wedding dress again, and again when you have, it turned into a cocktail dress or something pretty for parties or nights out on the town. Would your gown be cute as a short dress? You can deconstruct a lacy or ornate gown and turn it into something simple and elegant. You might even consider having your dress dyed a different color.

Make A Tablecloth

Romantic, traditional wedding gowns often make perfect tablecloths. Draped over your dining room table, you will have a constant memory of your special day. It may even become a family heirloom.

Make A Quilt

Sleep under your wedding gown every night by turning pieces of it into a quilt. Do this on your own if you know how, or pay someone to do the quilting for you. You could also include other fabric from your wedding in the quilt, such as pieces of a bridesmaids’ gown, lace from your veil, ribbons from floral arrangements, and a portion of your aisle runner. If your mother, sister or other family members have saved their gowns, you could mix the fabric and make incredible wedding gown quilts for all of you.

Use It For Halloween

A zombie bride is a great Halloween costume, and you’ve already got the main piece. Rip it in a few places and add some fake blood, and your outfit will win prizes. If you have a little girl in your life, imagine thrilling her by having your dress made an excellent costume fit for a princess or a tiny bride.

Save It For Baby

Many brides love the idea of having their wedding gowns live on as creations for their future children. If you are expecting to have kids, consider saving your dress to make something special for a baby.

Create A Christening Gown

Save the fabric from your wedding gown and have it used to make a christening or other special outfit for your child.

Cover A Bassinet

Decorate an old-fashioned baby bassinet with layers of satin, tulle, and lace from your wedding gown. You will love putting your baby to sleep in such a sentimental bed.

Make Baby Blankets

Depending on the type of fabric used in your gown, you can make special blankets for your baby. Even if the material isn’t exactly right for the bulk of the coverage, you can still use satin or lace to line and trim the edges. Most gowns will have enough fabric to make several blankets, so share them with friends and family members.

Your wedding gown was a treasured part of your special day, so consider how you’d like to have it live on. Whether you help another person through a donation, create something special your family will hold dear or simply have a wonderful time creating a once-in-a-lifetime photo session, you are sure to make memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.


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