//Tips for Great Wedding Photography Outcomes

Tips for Great Wedding Photography Outcomes

Every small detail of a bride’s most special day is documented in her wedding photographs. And, since capturing every glorious memory that occurs on the day and evening of your wedding is a primary piece of this celebration which you will remember for the rest of your life, finding the best wedding photographer is a priority.

Lucky you! There are myriad experienced and much-admired photographers on-hand in these cities across the country, but finding the person who is a good match for you and who will meet the goals you have for the day is a little more complicated than you might think.

The Word-of-Mouth Procedure

The best way to find an outstanding wedding photographer is by asking your friends who have recently married about the photographer they chose. Your close friends will be glad to tell you in what ways they appreciated their wedding photographer’s standards and will be truthful about any glitches they experienced. Once you have your top three recommendations, it’s time to arrange a meeting with each of your possible picks.

The Interview

It is important that you and your groom visit with each candidate face-to-face. Not only do the two of you need to scroll through at least three other wedding albums each business owner has photographed, but you also need to share a listing of each picture you absolutely must have to make your wedding day complete.

The Assessment

Naturally, you and your betrothed need to discuss your feelings about the photographs’ quality you saw as you browsed, but more importantly, you must find the artist with whom you both have a “connection.” After all, you will be spending a life-changing day with your photographer, and you will probably be asking for specific poses, a variety of group shots, and for as many “surprise moments” as she or he can catch. In other words, your wedding photographer needs a patient and good-natured personality.


No one wants to think that things can sometimes go wrong, but, from time to time, they do. If there is a delay or the outdoor wedding has to move inside, or any number of other changes occur, the photographer, the bride, and groom must understand how the photographer will handle this type of unforeseen event. The contract should also include everything the bride has asked for on the wedding day and the agreed upon price. Further shots rely on whether the photographer has time and is willing to do so, but there will be an additional cost. Review, also, whether you will receive an album and if all the pictures are accessible online.

Must-Have Shots

As all new brides are aware, Pinterest is the epitome of wedding ideas and suggestions. One topic discussed most on the website is “unique wedding shots.” These photos include pictures such as:

  • a shot of your invitation laid out in a gorgeously arranged design
  • your wedding ring and engagement ring, also arranged as if for a jewelry designer’s shoot
  • your wedding shoes
  • your bouquet
  • putting on your makeup
  • your wedding dress hanging up
  • styling your hair
  • the first look
  • table settings
  • dad and daughter dance
  • wedding entertainers
  • first dance
  • the cake
  • the bride and her pet

The Wrap-Up

A few other tips include:

  • telling your photographer the names of the bridesmaids, groomsmen, maid-of-honor, fathers, and mothers so they will be able to find the people who are “in the know”
  • introducing your photographer to the venue coordinator, the wedding entertainment, the caterer, the wedding coordinator and any other group or person who the photographer may need to contact during the day
  • asking your photographer to keep his or her camera in silent mode during the ceremony and possibly all day so he or she can get great photos without intruding

Having excellent wedding photos is a precious gift and will be a source of pleasure and fun for years to come. The planning you do ahead of time will make all the difference.

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