//Sponsored Weddings Are The Newest Thing In Budget Weddings

Sponsored Weddings Are The Newest Thing In Budget Weddings

Even if love isn’t about money, celebrating love does involve expense. Marrying couples are often dismayed at how even a reasonable wedding can cost in excess of $20,000. If the bride wants a really beautiful wedding or if the groom has a large crew of friends and family to invite, the expenses involved can be prohibitive.

Marrying couples often cast about frantically for ways to cut down on their wedding bills without cutting down on the quality. They grit their teeth and cross out nearly everyone on their invite list, plan their wedding in the off-season to get venue discounts, rent their wedding attire and arrange for a paid bar rather than a free one. Such cutbacks cannot make for an attractive wedding, of course. They have no choice, though – unless, they are willing to cross a mental line and take their wedding commercial.

When cities are unable to collect enough taxes to provide services, they usually go down the sponsorship path. In return for a chance to see their names displayed prominently, businesses sponsor public works projects, schools and sometimes even the local police department.

Modern weddings are quite commercial already anyway. Wedding businesses do thousands of dollars’ worth of business on dolled up weddings. They do get their names attached to weddings anyway – people brag constantly about what commercial service is doing their catering, what top-name band they plan to get and what designer has designed their gown. When businesses are so closely involved in our weddings, how much worse could it be to get them to actually foot the bill in return for an opportunity to display their name? We do love those names, don’t we?

Wedding sponsorships are quickly becoming a way to have a lavish on a small budget. 1800flowers.com, the online florist, has sponsored a few weddings and profited from them. The media quickly picked up on the curious idea of a sponsored wedding and wrote about the company behind them. AirTran gets hundreds of sponsorship requests each year and they get a good bit of media coverage in return, too.

The sponsored wedding concept was first brought to the attention of the public when Star Jones the TV host got 30 corporate sponsors for her lavish wedding. Since then, the idea has taken off. Many couples now take up the sponsorship idea and call local businesses – florists, dress shops, venues, printers and anyone else involved – to talk them into sponsoring their wedding in return for a prominent advertising opportunity.

If you are interested in getting a few sponsorship dollars for your wedding, there are no easy answers. Businesses have no Apply here to have your wedding sponsored link on their websites. It takes constant calling and a great deal of persuasion to get businesses to see the benefit in sponsoring a wedding.

Mostly, it’s people with marketing or PR experience who succeed in finding a way to convince businesses that they could benefit from a sponsorship deal. People succeed when they do their homework and give the businesses they meet a presentation on the number of guests who will come, their spending habits and so on.

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