//How To Make Your Wedding Run Smoothly In Five Easy Steps

How To Make Your Wedding Run Smoothly In Five Easy Steps

Planning a wedding is one of the most complicated and stressful things you can do. It’s supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, but the run-up to your wedding day will definitely have its unhappier moments. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make sure that your wedding runs as smoothly as possible.

Plan Ahead Of Time

First of all, make sure that you plan ahead of time. A wedding can often take over a year to get right, so if you want a big and elaborate day, make sure that you’ve given yourself enough time. Wedding venues and caterers often get booked up years in advance, and it might take you longer than expected to find your ideal dress, so make sure that you get booking and looking well in advance. If you aren’t the most organized person, make a spreadsheet with everything that you need to do on it. Make sure that you write down the dates that payments are due and how much you’ve paid already so that you keep track of what exactly you need to do.

Keep Within Your Budget

Not everyone is great at budgeting, and if you’re the sort of person who’s living on noodles and water in the days before your monthly paycheck then you need to make sure that you change your ways as you’re planning your wedding. There’s very little that will stress you out more than starting your married life in a huge amount of debt, so you need to keep within your means. Your wedding is about the bond between you and your partner and your loved ones gathering together, not how many flowers you can pack into your venue or whether or not you want to serve caviar. Be strict with yourself and focus on what you really need instead of unnecessary extras.

Involve Your Partner

It’s important to make sure that both of you are involved in your wedding planning. A lot of people misconstrue a wedding as being all about the bride, but in truth, it’s about both the bride and the groom and the relationship that they share. As such, the groom should participate in wedding planning – getting hold of vendors, making music choices, and booking entertainment and transport. The wedding needs to be an equal effort from both parties – particularly the cake testing, but let’s face it,┬ánobody’s going to argue with that…

Enlist Your Friends And Family

Your wedding is about your love, but it’s also about seeing your friends and family, which means that if anyone offers their help, energy, money, or time, it’s okay to take them up on it. A wedding is a lot of work, so you don’t need to shoulder the entire burden. If your grandma wants to pay for the alcohol or your friends are offering up their spare rooms for guests from out of town or your BFF has promised to help you paint wedding favors, take them up on their offers. They’ll be happy to help you out, and it’ll take some of the worries off your shoulders too.

Decide What Really Matters

Finally, it’s important to consider what you really care about when it comes to your wedding. You might not want to blow thousands on a wedding dress, but it might be important to you to fill your venue with fragrant flowers. Likewise, you might want to hire a vintage Rolls Royce to transport you, but you’d rather make your own playlist than hire a DJ. You don’t have to plan your wedding the way that other people do – make it personal to yourselves and focus on what you really care about so that you can make it the day of your dreams, and so that you stay within your budget.

Finally, and most importantly, make sure that you take time out during your wedding day to talk to your guests and to spend time with your partner. The most important thing about your wedding day isn’t the centerpieces or the chair covers or even your gown – it’s all about you, your partner, and the people that you love.

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