//Destination Weddings: Five Ways to Make Life Easier on Your Guests

Destination Weddings: Five Ways to Make Life Easier on Your Guests

Destination weddings have become more popular for good reason. They allow you to get out of town and do something a little different. You’ll avoid the boring old hometown wedding, and you can cut down the guest list to just those people you really want to invite. While destination weddings certainly have their advantages, they can be difficult on guests.

Most happen in expensive destinations, and they can require a much larger time commitment. If you’re set on getting out of town to say your vows, here are five ways you can make the process easier on the people who might join you. 

Give At Least A One-Year “Save The Date”

It’s customary for couples to send out a pre-invitation at least six months before their wedding to give prospective guests the opportunity to plan for the occasion. If you’re heading out of the country, you should increase that number. It’s critical, too, to take into account the financial capability of your guests. If your friends and family aren’t wealthy and you want them to join you in Costa Rica, you might think about giving them even more advance notice. Some couples have sent advance notices of 18 months or more to give guests a chance to save for the event. 

Suggest Resorts Of Varying Price & Quality

Different guests will have different needs for your wedding. Some will turn it into a full vacation. For these guests, you’ll want a block of rooms at a resort. Others will want to save while still taking in your wedding. Offer a less expensive hotel block for these guests. It’s an added bonus if these hotels are in close proximity. You won’t want to exile your less affluent guests to the other side of the island. 

Consider A Relaxed Dress Code

If you’re going out of the country, it will be difficult for your guests to pack a tuxedo. The logistics of traveling with formal wear are daunting, and some locations won’t have dry-cleaning services. Consider a dress code that reflects the intimate nature of the event. If you’re headed to the islands, for instance, allow people to wear more comfortable beachwear.

Plan Events For Your Guests, But Allow For Flexibility

When people come from a long distance to spend a few days celebrating your wedding, you shouldn’t leave them waiting until the wedding day for the first big event. Plan a dinner or other party. If there are golfers in the group, arrange an outing at a local course. Some guests will want to do their own thing before the wedding, but it helps if you have something planned for those who won’t know how to spruce up their own itinerary. 

Have The Wedding On A Friday Or Saturday

Sunday weddings can work well for saving money in your city. They present a logistical nightmare, though, when you’re off for a destination wedding. A Sunday wedding will make it difficult for guests to make it back to work on Monday, costing them an additional day off. While there’s some expectation that guests will adjust their work schedule to be a part of your big day, you should do whatever possible to make the process simple. 

If you love to travel and want something different out of your wedding, a destination occasion is a great idea. Some of your guests will invite the chance to celebrate with you in a beautiful place. You can even choose a destination that means a lot to you as a bride and groom. Just make sure you keep in mind the needs of your guests, many of whom will be making a great sacrifice to be there with you. 

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